DBTI’s Top 5 Rarest Beach Destinations in The World

It’s time to book a trip and take some time for a little R&R but before you schedule that flight and hotel to your go-to beach getaway, why not breakaway from the chains of your comfort zone and explore this vast planet for rare hidden gems? Dare to take a risk and gallivant far away to picturesque secluded beaches that have little to no human intrusion, to places that you wouldn’t even know were on a map. DBTI has searched each beach-laden continent looking for destinations with pristine azure

Summer Jewelry Trends

Like many trends, this piece is simple and easy. The lengthy lasso necklace was on a bit of a hiatus, but is back in full swing. Timelessly classic, the long necklace is the perfect way to spice up any outfit without being too overpowering. This style necklace has made a major comeback in the runways of Prada, Givenchy, and Chanel. And while chokers have been center stage recently, this ladylike style is a must among necklaces. This strong trend of arm jewelry was seen in runway shows of design...

The Colors of Spring

Everyone knows that a ‘diamond is a girl’s best friend’, but what about all those other pristine gems that can capture the heart and make a bold statement? The new seasonal shift is giving way to Easter color palettes; we’re looking to colorful gems in shades of green, pink, and blue that will help to brighten your wardrobe. Green stones like emerald and malachite are colors that represent rebirth and renewal. Emerald – When it comes to choosing an emerald, color and transparency are extremely


As a player in the game of small business DBTI started out like most with a pocket full of dreams and the vision to make it happen. The brand uses owner Robin Waters’ lifestyle photography as the main focal point on both prints and campaign images, setting the project up to ride its own wave from the start. On top of the visual aspect DBTI also takes pride in the streamline of eco-conscious and ethical small businesses that come together to create and move each collection; making the whole DBTI

Moon Manifestations

As the Earth spins on its axis, the moon fluctuates through its phases with each position harnessing different meanings and transcending energies that if utilized properly can help us to manifest ultimate positivity in our lives. Each cycle taps into a higher level of thinking and being, with the right mentality we have the power to harness the radiance projected during each phase. For centuries cultures throughout our planet have followed the lunar cycle as a way to document time and connect in

Aging Gracefully & Wisely

Aging gracefully is almost a myth in today’s society it seems like we are constantly bombarded with this ideology of ‘the fountain of youth’. The world has come to believe that being young and never getting old somehow personifies true beauty. On the contrary, natural healing practices have been rising in popularity with more and more people being open to learning on how to not only age gracefully but to also age wisely through the use of organic and natural beauty regimens.

LCM Runway Review Volume 2

Opulent jewelry pieces made major statements and gave Eastern vibes that jested perfectly with the overall dynamic and vivacious collection, fit for both men and women. An intense color palette ruptured down the runway; royal blue and cherry red took center stage while tangerine and hints of fuchsia kept the visual momentum going. Prints and patterns varied and harmonized on a seamlessly relaxed fit collection. When it comes to LCM or LFW I always anticipate the streetwear emperor KTZ, the labe

Animal Agriculture & Holocene Extinction

of humans grow species rich habitats are being metamorphosed with an estimated 1 acre of land being cleared every second. The lion’s share of places converting land use are located in countries with mega diverse habitats that are home to some of the largest number of species. The greatest examples of deforestation and ultimately species extinction are in Central and Latin America, most profoundly is the Amazon where 3 quarters of the rainforest have been (and continue to be) cleared for both int

Dr. Sebi | Healer & Herbalist

When taking the course action of healing the body from the inside to the out I have yet to come across anyone like Dr. Sebi who can put into words so straightforward and with true factual backing on how to heal the body and cure sicknesses like, cancers, sickle cell, blindness, impotence, diabetes, high blood pressure and any other aliment through the use of natural herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. He's worked with celebrities Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Lisa 'Left E

Going Green by Eating Green

What if I told you we can save Mother Earth by going green with our forks? Would you take a walk on the ‘green side’ of veganism/vegetarianism? What would you do if I told you that by purchasing plants over meat you could help eliminate water and air pollution , end the destruction of our soil, forests and our oceans and even stop species extinction, would you take the plunge into positively changing your life and the lives of billions of people on this planet? When it comes to saving our Earth,

Style Conscious Color Coordination

When is comes to the daily grind of coordinating an outfit there’s one quote that you should always keep in mind "Fashions fade, style is eternal” simply put the great designer Yves Saint Laurent was absolutely correct. The key to being style conscious isn’t about fashion rules, going with trends are easy but eventually they faded out and another one comes along but personal style is about what YOU like and what makes YOU comfortable. Putting outfits together can come as a challenge to many wit

FDA & Big Pharma: What Are You Doing?

In this convoluted society that we live in there are many organizations, government agencies and laws that are placed with the ideology that that they are established to help and protect the people. However as many of us have come to bear witness, this is not always the truth especially here in the US.  As the world turns and masses of people wake up and take the wool from their eyes we have come to find that not only is the political system corrupt but it is infiltrating our minds and what we p

Men About Their Business:Milano Moda Uomo Autumn/Winter 2016

The shows from Milano Moda Uomo aka Milan Fashion Week Mens is long gone, the Autumn/Winter season of 2016-2017 will soon enough be trickling into retail stores and be mass marketed worldwide. The versatility of the Milan shows gave way to a great meshing of classic tailoring and urban leisurewear, there seems to be a wave of laxed styling in the corporate arena that has not always been so. And while London’s Savile Row is usually the go-to for impeccable tailoring and businesswear it’s Milan th

Top 7 Health Benefits For Using Palo Santo In Your Home

With many different types of trees and herbs to cleanse and smudge with, sage happens to be the most commonly known however the use of Palo Santo breeds benefits unlike any other. Containing a more fragrant aroma than most burning woods Palo Santo is highly beneficial for those who find the pungent smell of sage to be harsh or are allergic. Also the Palo Santo tree is harvested with sustainability in mind and is harvested and used alive or dead; essential oils are extracted from dead trees and f

MFW AW16: Milano Moda Donna Runway Review Vol. 2

A collection of various vibrant proportions, bold native-tribal prints complimented resilient silhouettes. Indigenous, Nguni tribal hints were executed in an array of pattern and print combos. Every look worked the runway in it’s own structured point of view with each look individualized from the last. Fringe and embroidery along with bibs and collars were key details designed in a color palette ranging in azure and auburn hues, cardinal and brick reds, orange, canary and olive. The culturally d

Tea Mindfulness

The art of meditation is not limited to only sitting cross-legged with our eyes closed (mentally wide open) the different forms of meditation are endless. In all reality meditation is all about the centering of oneself and can be done in whatever way suits you best. Each day we rise and for many of us we head to our stovetops and boil a pot of water and drink our morning tea without much thought. We prepare it and sip it up but perhaps we are overlooking the Zen that can be found within tea prep

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Review Volume 2

Pretty ladies all in a row traipsed the runway in feminine and demure looks ideally designed with spring in mind. The collection was composed main of dresses in all silhouettes; A-line, sheath, short fit-n-flares and ballgowns took center stage. There were opulent sheer and satin-like fabrics adorned with floral applique and intricately placed beading. Looks opened up in colors of white, periwinkle, powdered pink and blue that transitioned into lemony yellow and vibrant reds that somehow found c

Athleisure: Stella McCartney x Rio 2016 Olympics

One of the determining factors of this industry of fashion is that it must always be revolving and evolving with the sign of the times. It’s not just about pretty clothes and shoes, creatives and designers in the realm of fashion must always take into account what consumers are doing and thinking. Today we live in a world, a society that is constantly being influenced by the mainstream. Now more than ever people are on the go and taking up healthier lifestyles, incorporating exercise, fitness, h
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